Yorkshire Slang Dictionary

Slang from Yorkshire, God's own county. Yorkshire has given us innumerable wonderful additions to the British language. You'll hear expressions that you won't hear anywhere in Britain or the world. Yorkshire also has a distinctive accent.

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Aboon Above or Over (Yorkshire)

Ackle Work or function as intended (Yorkshire)

Addled Silly; daft; drunk (Yorkshire)

Aht Out; Outside (Yorkshire)

Allus Always (Yorkshire)

Anall Me too, as well (Yorkshire)

Antwacky Old or old-fashioned (Yorkshire)

Any Road Up Anyway (Yorkshire)

Bad job Unfortunate (Yorkshire)
'You lost a twenty pound note? Hmm, bad job!'

Barmpot Idiot/fool (Yorkshire)

Bleb Blister (Yorkshire)

Blether Talk nonsense (Yorkshire)

Blob Kingcup or Cowslip (Yorkshire)

Boggart Ghost or Spectre (Yorkshire)

Bray Hit or thrash (Yorkshire)
'I'll bray them kids on of these days!'

Brew Tea (drink). (Yorkshire)
'Let's sit down and 'ave a Brew.'

Cadge To borrow (Yorkshire)
'Can I cadge a lift off you?'

Chuffy Haughty (Yorkshire)

Chunter Mutter, muble (Yorkshire)
'Look at the old fella, chuntering away to himself.'

Daft apath Silly person (Yorkshire)
'You're as much use as a chocolate teapot you Daft Apath'

To overhear, or listen in (Yorkshire)

Ey Up Look out (Yorkshire)

Flag Flat paving stone (Yorkshire)

Flay Frighten (Yorkshire)

Flummox Confuse (Yorkshire)

Fret Fog or sea mist (Yorkshire)

Frit Frightened (Yorkshire)

Gawby Silly person; fool (Yorkshire)

Gawp Stare (Yorkshire)
'What are you Gawping at?'

Ginnel Alleyway, usually roofed between houses (Yorkshire)

Gob Mouth (Yorkshire)
'Shut yer gob!'

Gradley Good, excellent (Yorkshire)
'Ee, that were reet Gradley.'

Gumption Common sense; intelligence (Yorkshire)

Happen Perhaps (Yorkshire)

Hinny Honey (Yorkshire)
'Ya alreet hinny?'

Hoamin Murmuring (Yorkshire)

It Be Reet It will be alright (Yorkshire)

Jigger Alleyway (Yorkshire)

Kist Chest (i.e. box) (Yorkshire)

Lady-Cow Ladybird (Yorkshire)

Lug Ear (Yorkshire)
'Use your lugs mate, I can't keep shouting at you'

Mardy Whining, bad-tempered (Yorkshire)

Marlock Trick, prank (Yorkshire)

Middling Moderate, Fair (Yorkshire)

Mind Pay attention to (Yorkshire)
'Mind you don't spill that pint Walter.'

My Ansum My friend (Yorkshire)
'Wozzon my ansum'

Nawpins Perks (Yorkshire)

Nesh Cold; insult against a person who feels the cold too much (Yorkshire)
'What are you doing with your coat and scarf on, you nesh sod! It's lovely and warm!'

Nowt Nothing (Yorkshire)

Owt Anything (Yorkshire)

Parky Cold (Yorkshire)

Petal Term of endearment (Yorkshire)

Fizzy/carbonated drink (Yorkshire)

Put the Wood in the Hole Close the door. (Yorkshire)

Scran Food (Yorkshire)
'I'm starving, let's go to the chippy for some Scran'

Sen Self (Yorkshire)

Sitha Look! (Yorkshire)

Smittle Infect (Yorkshire)

Snap Small meal or snack (Yorkshire)

Snicket Alleyway, normally open at the end of a row of houses (Yorkshire)

Summat Something (Yorkshire)

Swaimish Timid (Yorkshire)

Tab Hanging Listening in (Yorkshire)
'He was Tab Hanging round the door I swear!'

Thee You (Yorkshire)

Thine Yours (Yorkshire)

Think on Remember; a mild warning; (Yorkshire)

Thissen Yourself (Yorkshire)

Tosspot Generic insult, mainly for men (Yorkshire)

Trammel Rubbish, garbage (Yorkshire)

Ullet Owls (Yorkshire)

Utch Snuggle (Yorkshire)

Wag Play truant (Yorkshire)

Wankle Unsteady (Yorkshire)

War Worse (Yorkshire)

Wazzock Stupid or annoying person (Yorkshire)
'You daft wazzock'

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